2018 – Year in Review

This has been delayed, but for good reason.  After a short term, we have assembled a team of the best folks and tackled some mammoth challenges.  We've come out more informed in the process.   This is intended to share some of the quick "jewels" of wisdom.


IIoT - Leading the agenda.  Note the extra I - this isn't the IoT by way of Raspberry Pi.  Building upon the experiences of the past we are well on our way to offering a software stack that can interoperate with a number of devices.  This is intended to be a code-less "hub" that can gather and classify the various metrics streaming in from sensors.  We've learned a lot in terms in how sensors work and what should be brought into any particular engagement.  Despite the great support by cloud providers (AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud), we see a need for good design and a thought to how various streams of sensor information may come in and need to be organized.  More to come in this space..



Blockchain (or DLT) - This trend is officially over the exuberance we saw last year, so it's time to build something real that offers immediate value to the client.  We were fortunate enough to be a part of that and fulfilled some needs of a state government to offer temporary access to key elements of a health record.  The tight bundling of the blockchain components was perfect in a situation where access (via a temporary public key) was essential and the immutable log of events was an attractive feature.  Finally, this has been assembled in a way that will allow internal and external entities to gain access to these records, which is where blockchain can proved useful.



Mobile Apps - Building an app is by no means new and shiny, but given the right initiative they can be crucial to getting bite size pieces of information to the consumer.  We're under development and applying the lessons of the past (solid discovery, MVP and mobile design) to build an interesting tool for parents to monitor and improve their Childs development.  Taking a more comprehensive approach and refreshing some well written published material has been the "secret sauce" in that situation.



Trends come and go, but solid software design principles are not going out of style.  In each of these engagements, it was the key differentiator in my mind.  Proving an ROI early in the process and all of the early strategic thinking is truly the greatest measure of whether a project will e successful.


We're thankful to those clients who chose us and looking forward to another great year!