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Our Experience

Great partnerships generate the ability to create new dialogues, uncover previously unseen areas of opportunity, and set in motion projects that embark in new directions with boundless opportunities.  It’s been a point of great pride for the team here at Hanford Tech to have been working side-by-side with Dot Foods for several years in just that capacity.  More specifically, in the context of providing a new approach to gather, make sense of, and act on critical data sets from the next generation of sensors that will provide a foundation towards valuable new insights for the industrial vertical.

Through our recent collaborations, we focused on discovering new ways to not only gather and understand complex and valuable data but to also then implement innovative technology that can turn this data into actionable insights to improve critical day-to-day operations.

What We Discovered

Applying some of Hanford’s more innovative philosophies on analysis and interpretation ofhow to analyze and interpret connected data sets and live data from devices, to high yield use cases in the industrial space spans far beyond our time side by side with DOT Foods. Through our experiences and research, we’ve discovered core challenges that limit industrial innovation, including but not limited to:

  • Closed and proprietary systems which lend completely inhibit data sharing and visibility between critical systems
  • Historical or stale data that cannot be immediately put to action to drive meaningful results and ROI
  • Costly and ineffective systems that lack the agility and flexibility required to meet the users evolving needs and priorities

These challenges are present within all organizations in the industrial space, especially those who push to offset the risks of volatile and costly external threats by making calculated investments in technologies that can unlock more actionable insights to optimize production processes. Costly, disparate, and ineffective technology “solutions” should no longer be a hindrance to these efforts.

Introducing Sentrics

With the vision of optimizing industrial operations through actionable sensor analytics - across the industry as a whole, Hanford Tech is excited to announce the launch of Sentrics: the scalable, cloud-based service that collects, analyzes, and quickly interprets data from single sensors or connected sensor networks, and the technology systems that power industrial processes.

Sentrics’ is focused on solving these ever-present industry challenges with their continuous innovation via:

  • Sensor compatibility via open-standards to monitor live sensor networks and other mission-critical technology systems
  • Automation of a variety of real-time actions via email, text messaging, or API integration to your mission-critical, operations systems
  • Intuitive and configurable sensor tagging to detect anomalies and fine-tune threshold breaches

We’re excited about the impact Sentrics can have on this industry and we look forward to what the future holds.  If you’re eager to embark on this future now, feel free to learn more at sentrics.io or reach out to us at [email protected] or go to our website at https://sentrics.io

We can’t wait to hear from you!


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