We feel this is going to be one of the most game changing technologies trends over the next 5 years.  In fact, we're betting our careers on it.   Through a dozen engagements, we've learned the advantages (and disadvantages) around this adoption.  More importantly we've learned ways to connect it into existing systems. Through practical experience gained in healthcare and in supply chain, we're looking to unleash a trusted network you want to be a part of!


IoT Design and Development

IoT(Internet of Things) is more than a catch phrase.  It is the way connected devices continually feed to improve a process or aid an employee to make a better decision.  Phones, micro devices and sensors are able to contribute to a growing field of predictive analytics to detect when something may go "afoul".  We've seen first hand how this has changed operations and saved millions for companies.  We're looking to explore how that might help your business.


Development & Professional Services

We have a lot of experience under our belt and we'd like to apply that for you.  From helping to design a roadmap to managing a team to optimize the output, we can help facilitate a product or project of your choosing.  We also have the technical depth to solve some of your most complicated development problems across an array of technologies such as Java, BigData/Analytics, WebSphere, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Azure, AWS & IBM Cloud.


IoT solution - study #1

A progressive client wanted to explore ways of leveraging some of the latest in terms of IoT.  We guided them down a 4 month process of selecting the right hardware, designing specs and ultimately rolling out a solution that feeds temperature and location to 2,000 units in a fleet of trucks.  This scalable, yet cost effective solution took into account security, reliability, analytics and ultimately the business needs (to deliver high food through a huge network fo distribution centers at the highest possible quality).  The data has yielded a new lens of information to their operations that was not possible 2 years ago.

Blockchain/DLT in Action Study #2

Through investigation around emerging blockchain networks within healthcare, we designed, built and delivered 2 first of a kind solutions.  One applied the security and transferrable nature to fields within an EHR (Electronic Health Record).  Another took a new look at how the market for a given procedure may work to give more transparency to the overall pricing.  Both took visionary stakeholders in combination with our skill to identify the design and rapidly move to making it a reality.



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Next Steps...

We'd enjoy a conversation to learn more about your specific business and see what ways we can explore to customize software and solutions that are right for you.