Our Approach

At Hanford Tech, we want to discover your business needs first.  With that in mind, we work to design the perfect solution.  With a broad knowledge base working with fortune 100 clients and startup of 1, we can apply the right size solution without additional cost and overhead.  Unlike big firms, we keep overhead low to be more effective and to provide a personalized experience.

Our Story

Circa 2000, Jake began his career at IBM in the rapid growing Java middleware software industry that was being formed.  He was excited to focus on performance and a brand new dynamic set of websites that powered banking, retail and e-commerce companies.   Moving from development into management and then product management taught him a tremendous amount on how to build, launch and support a variety of products.  These ranged from network load balancers, to application servers to a cloud controller appliance.  He then shifted gears and went onto help modernize and improve the middleware as a client at Allstate Insurance.  Finally he seized the opportunity to start a location in Chicago around mobile app development and eventually digital transformation through blockchain technology.  Now he wants to apply all of this industry experience for custom needs and for small and medium size businesses.  This is why he started Hanford Technology Services.

Next Steps...

Let's start the conversation and learn more about your technology challenges and opportunities.