Blockchain Developer Internship

Hanford Technologies provides Information Technology services and applies industry know-how to build high value systems. As a startup business helping early stage companies, Hanford Tech is looking to find a qualified blockchain developer intern. 

The intern would work on several projects currently on going at Hanford Tech. These projects are related to shipment tracking, PII data storage or finance transactions. The main objective for the intern would be to develop and deploy smart contracts and business level blockchain networks. 

Blockchain network technologies: Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum.  

The intern should possess the following skills:

  • 2 Years Programming with one of these Languages: Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go
  • In pursuit of Masters Degree in Computer Science, or similar field
  • Professional Experience building applications
  • Eager to jump in and make an immediate impact on ongoing projects
  • Ability to apply skills learned and curiosity to learn new skills

The intern would be asked to complete the following tasks:

1. Research, Design, and Development 

–   Independent software solutions

–   Development and testing of smart contract logic in go, java, typescript and javascript

–   API source code development

–   Continuous deployment and integration of developed assets using Docker, YAML, .sh scripts in IBM Cloud

–   Software assets for consulting arrangements

–   Contracted software development

2. Customer requirements gathering and architecture reviews

–   Time required to understand the customer requirements

–   Producing technical design documents and discussing them with the customer

3. Education and support of software assets delivered

4. Engaging in with account team for opportunities

–   On site presentations and demonstrations

–   Asset education for sales