Going Live!

After an 18 year career, I'm embarking on a lifelong goal: starting a business.

I am blessed to have given so many nuggets of wisdom from the people I've worked with.  They represent great companies like IBM, Allstate and PointSource/Globant.  I must seize a rare opportunity and reflect.  I thought I'd sift through those important nuggets I've picked up from mentors, colleagues and clients.  As such, I have found it important to define the cultural values and environment we're looking to build.  I believe this transcends the "cool" projects, financial benefits or accolades along the way.

Here they are:

  • Unrelenting commitment to the client success
    • Do right by the client and the rest will work out.  You'll have a more fulfilling experience.
    • This often makes ethical decisions easier to evaluate
  • Make mistakes, then learn from them
    • We'll learn from them and people will get the support they need to recover from them
    • Continuously learn and explore to stay relevant
    • Not every trend works out so time may be wasted.  However the inquisitive mind achieves more overall
  • Be a good teammate
    • Treat others as you would like to be treated
    • Get to know each other, there is only one boat and we're all in it together
    • There will be disagreements and descent but being able to recover, with short term memory, is a defining attribute
  • Act ethically in all situations
    • Easy to say but harder when there are "close-calls" and competing interests.
    • I see too many lies and misleading remarks to prospects, clients and colleagues
      • If it's not true, it's no basis to establish a meaningful and lasting partnership

Don't get me wrong, technology is what makes me excited to begin each day.  Before I get into all of that, the foundational principals are truly the first step.  Once established, we can take on challenges one byte at a time.