2020 and COVID

Inspired by some at-home lessons by my son, I’m pulled back in to the desire to share some thoughts. It’s been a while and I’ve had less time in a car or plane and more in the office, I thought I would give the 5 minute review of 2019 and some thoughts moving ahead.

Our mission has not changed at Hanford Tech but we’ve gotten our hands on some exciting related technology. Just as important, we’re connecting with old friends and colleagues to get some important projects done. Here are my highlights

  • Blockchain is emerging, albeit “incognito”
    • Businesses can recoup costs in building a shared environment, with a defined set of rules to track an asset
    • The most promising industries to reap the rewards continue to be supply chain and the medical industries, based on our observations
    • A new form of Identity (Self Sovereign Identity) has the potential to change how we view credentials and our ownership of our identity
  • IoT is slow moving, but continues to improve with lower cost options, easy installation and eventually more interoperability
    • We see potential with smarter warehouse and smarter industrial processes
    • Ideally some of these human intensive and in-person tasks can be eliminated or reduced which is ideal in these “contact free” work environments that we need to adhere to
  • The Medical applications continue to show promise in the industry, in terms of sharing of information. With COVID some processes are going to be rebuilt “on-the-fly” and some ingenuity will be seen immediately.
    • We are proud to be a part of a couple initiatives that have a direct impact on to aide in societal challenges

We have built a solid platform with Sentrics, which has been adopted in some very demanding environments. Initial user feedback is positive, so the hard work that went into simplicity and a focus on advanced analytics has shown value.

Moving forward, we will round out the features to be the “glue” that holds things together. We have a desire to nail compliance matters, continue to build software that is extremely simple to use. We will continue to push the envelop when it comes to establishing systems that adhere to the rules of engagement.